Guidelines for Elders Who Want to Visit The Classroom

Selection of Elders:
Our Native Elders can come from anywhere in the state of Alaska. There are five regional areas in Alaska. Knowing by the title Alaska Native Ways of Knowing created by Dr. Raymond Barnhardt and Dr. Oscar Kawagley University of Fairbanks to develop curriculum for schools and universities.
Elders were the teachers of knowledge.

Research on Elders who are able to visit classrooms.
Depending on numbers, have a simple workshop.
Make plans with superintendent or principal and let them know your idea about the visit.
Have students react to the idea as well (positive).
Have student input by creating a storybook, etc.
Ask students if they came from the Elders area.
Elder’s voice clear and humorous.
Elder should practice and think of their visit.
Elder with understanding audience.
Elder who knows how to read and write.
Elder who attended conferences or workshops.
A respected Elder or Chief.

Author: Robert M Charlie